Calendar of Events in Cook Islands 2010

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Aitutaki- Upcoming Events

Some of the popular events that takes place on Aitutaki are as follows:

Sports Games

Aitutakians are very active and like to keep themselves entertained by competing against other villagers. Sports day usually falls on Fridays which may involve volleyball, netball, rugby, league, tennis cricket, soccer. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun games, however it can be very competitive but fun at the same time.

Wedding Parade

Aitutaki is the only island in the world that has a wedding parade ceremony.  After the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple and their bridal party along with spectators, supporters and drummers drive around the island with the beat of the exciting drums. This is a proud announcement to the island that a couple has committed their lives together for in the bonds of matrimony.   When the villagers hears the drums, the women of the islands runs to the roadside holding out gifts in a form of pareus (sarongs) and fabric materials.  These gifts will be used by the newly weds and their first linen to the new life together.  Its is a very exciting place to be in. 

Boxing and New Year Koni Round (Dance Around the Island) Festivities

There is a special event that takes place on Boxing Day and New Years.  As a celebration for the end of the year and for the new coming year.  Each village in Aitutaki will take turn each year to visit each village on the island. They dance and perform throughout the whole island. There are 8 villages on Aitutaki, and each village takes turn to host either the Boxing Day or New Year Koni round. 

The following are some important dates in 2010, within the Cook Islands


Penryhn Gospel Day, 13th of March


Dancer of the Year Contest, 16 April - 6 May

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